Saturday, February 5, 2011

Just Kidding! Kim Kardashian Loves Her W Magazine Photos Now

Halle Berry Gabriel Aubry drama present some comments on the election of Kim Kardashian, very briefly in November last year the delivery of cargo. I think this lasted several weeks, although nothing has been confirmed. What is missing from all accounts, Kim Kardashian to take - does not say anything or transfer Nahla and Halle, who I am, of course, a strange respect for them. It's almost as if she wants to be a fucking melee, terribly intelligent (Kim). However, the Chicago Sun-Times (surface) has an article on rumors that Kim on the situation in the corridors of sentiment:

    I heard that Kim Kardashian is shocked and angry that his name was removed from the mile dirty.

    .... Not only that Kardashian denied because the way the relationship was beyond platonic friendship Aubrey, but a good friend of TV personality Kim said he is particularly worrisome because Berry repeatedly insulted, you feel - on the red carpet private social events in Hollywood.

    What is in the field of Nahla Kardashian said confused about this, "Kim was limited to the girl several times. ... I do not even recognize when they have their Nahla anywhere without Gabriel and other room with her.

[From Chicago Sun-Times to the surface]

I like to think this shit. Kim did not even recognize Nahla? Really? Not even pictures!? And yes, the room is likely to discredit Kim at red carpet events. -Listers in general, C-celebrities, famous for naked porn and repeated violations.

Speaking of Kim is known, has some new ideas on her nude pictorial magazine W and theatricality of age:

    20/20 hindsight say, and nobody knows better than Kim Kardashian. Despite 30 years crying episode on Sunday and Kim Courtney Take New York City, W Magazine "full of porn" photos of her in their annual edition of Art in November, said Kardashian is a heart change.

    "Looking back, I like the pictures, she says, on Thursday in Los Angeles" W Magazine is a brand, so I'm very glad I did, and have images. "

    As the tears?

    "It's just not what I thought I would," he said. "I'm certainly comfortable posing nude -. I did it before and I have something to review, but probably not the direction I wanted to go, if I wanted to be a case of thinking I am."

    (W Magazine said Tuesday told New York Magazine, "Cut" and "Kim Kardashian, the lid was pregnant with creative collaboration with artist Barbara Kruger, and meditation on the impact of a reality show about contemporary culture.")

    In hindsight, Kardashian said she does not regret the dismantling work of a fashion magazine - even if they wanted a few tears on national television payment.

    "If you have something to shoot, we expect that, as expected, he says." But looking back, it was my first reaction when I saw the pictures and I was very upset. I think the photos are beautiful. "

[From Us Weekly]

You mean, someone said, and is used to hype the ratings of a reality show? Are you saying that Kim Drama Queen? You mean, if you're a million times posing naked and doing porn, you have to miss the theater, as the photo shoot "full of porn? Amazing!

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