Monday, March 7, 2011

Oprah Winfrey suddenly found her secret sister !!!

Oprah Winfrey have discovered about her secret sister Patricia whom she had not known for fifty-six years. At the recent discovery of her unknown sister, she was overwhelmed with joy to let a new member join her family.

However, Oprah is not hurrying to establish a firm rel
ation with Patricia. “They are approaching slowly on the matter. According to Oprah, she says that it a wall which needs to be built with conversations and experiences. Furthermore, the two new sisters already found their interest; their mother.

Oprah is regarding her as a gift and Patricia has come as a p
eace maker in her family”, says Oprah Winfrey. The history behind Patricia, fourty-seven years old, was found that she was given up for adoption as their common birth mother Vernita Lee could not afford to raise Patricia.

Nevertheless,, the two are enjoying each other’s company a lot since they have some common issue to discuss among themselves. But, Patricia is not Oprah’s only sibling. Her mother had three other children, which she revealed on a TV interview back in 2007.

Oprah was helped by his son Andre to search for her position in family history and later came up with dates of birth of his mother’s siblings.

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