Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Britney Spears hits teases us with her knitting broken / extensions

Britney Spears AOT would have issued a public statement last week, the AM costume change mid-back when he fell jeans look comfortable in the middle of the store and wore a shirt for the rest of the audience. Well, yesterday, Britney has the same thing - the costume changes in the medium term.


Will you tell us something? Because they prepared for their OSA will not be the end of trust? Or is it an idea of the independence of the network, and has this preview? In any case, this game seems to change flowy dress, closing Cooter, introducing a startling change in the short and tank combined. Bravo Brit? Eh. He still looks like hell.


    desperate search for Britney Spears tries to hide his face from amateur photographers to October 11, 2010, while shopping in Beverly Hills, California, with his faithful bodyguards at his side.


A lack of surprise Brit was a day of shopping for clothes and accessories found in jealousy. Britney does not seem to be in good spirits after AOT ventured beyond Starbucks for a drink with the cover, which may have been in tears for any reason, or just another day in the life of Britney? princess of pop, then dug his way through a jewelry store De Beers, which showed expansion after pulling his hair in a ponytail, and inside, but left when they made their exit.


pop princess has been working hard on a new album and is rumored to be the next big thing.


Ah, yes. They broke their expansion. Prepare. It was not pretty. It never happens, at least it seems to clean something? For the love of F-CKS, Brit just from shaving. Again. He told her dead tissue because someone in AA =. Or do you just think it's tragic hair gets your attention.


That's why you took? Ugh. I hate to say this, but the British are not ready to be again.is.

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