Sunday, October 10, 2010

Scott Disick defending the honor of Kim Kardashian at the end

Do you know how stupid I called Scott Disick, Patrick Bateman-like anger-addicted psychopath less than 48 hours? Well, I'm in a hurry. Somehow. It appears that Scott was defending the honor of the boy's mother to face her sister Kate Kardashian. It all started in the nightclub of New York on Thursday when Scott, Kim and Kourtney drag and party. A guy came to Kim and tried to flirt with her, and was always Handsy and fun. And the guy was a jealous, dude. And Scott and Courtney joined and passed through the chaos.

    After a drink in Kim Kardashian fan threw Night Supper Club in New York on Thursday Juliet, star of reality from his side of the story.


    "I want to solve this problem, because everyone asks me if I agree that having a fight at a bar the night before," said Kim, 29 posts on Friday. "I'm fine, guys!"

    So what led to the confrontation of followers?

    Fan man drunk approached me and asked me to take a picture, and I have to, but his girlfriend, who was also drunk, got a bit of control, "he said." I have luck because Scott [Disick] and Khloe, to protect themselves. "

    But witnesses said a man fan is more than an image of E! like stars.

    "It was groped her and tried to approach," said the source. "Scott Kim very defensive, if a man is ... things rise and Scott hit him. Security and broke them."


    According to Kim Kardashian is not drinking, the club, but the source has informed us that Disick, 27, "was a bit of vodka, but he seemed quite sober."

    "We wanted a family fun night, but when people see a camera, trying to get attention," said Kim complains. "I think that's what happens when the girls saw that drank the company fired Kim and Courtney, New York."

    Currently, the happy reality star put the incident behind them.

    "I always take the road, so we're always on the left, do not feed the drama," said Kim. "Go!"

[From Us Weekly]

I know that reads like a good excuse for the violent behavior of Scott, but I really think that this version may have some merit. I do not know, it sounds plausible and I'm usually the first to call her shit-T. I think if Kim Scott has helped, he must have really tried to help. So ... My Scott wrong. I apologize. Please do not come after me with a chainsaw.


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