Saturday, October 9, 2010

Jessica Alba was "never comfortable" shows their body, but money helps

A few days ago we received a photo shoot and the preliminary interview with Jessica Alba in November issue of GQ magazine in the UK. These photos of the current session, compared with a screen cover, as he had done before. These pictures are very, very sexy, and you can see that "hot Jessica Renaissance and fully effective. Of course, Jessica did not think so. In the fragments, so carefully Jessica fisheries and tell us not looks so beautiful and sexy. Right. So, to put another piece of Sun in an interview:

    Jessica Alba said that figure would be the second forum actress enjoy the idea of working with director James Cameron, again, after he gave him his big break when he picked up in the cult star of the television series Dark Angel.

    "He knows where to find me - I'm always with him," he told GQ. "If we work together, and the film's success and make money, great. But more importantly, he is my friend."


    "Race" as most people are better for me, James Cameron and Robert Rodriguez. Jessica, who stars alongside Robert Rodriguez Machete supplemented

    29-year-old also admitted he was nervous about Robert De Niro, who co-stars in the slasher thriller.

    "I felt like I was dreaming. You work with De Niro, and you suddenly feel very different," he said. "My heart, maybe I was, I was sweating and nervous as well. But it was so sweet and gentle, calm, quiet and reserved."

    She could not resist to ask for advice, "he said," Bob, please help me, I will not get a F ** K this feature, let me suck. "

    Alba also said the British men's magazine GQ, which have no confidence in their appearance, and she does not understand why he is considered a sex symbol.

    She said: "My breasts are sagging, I have cellulite and my hips, but I love it - it's so amazing guy [I'm] very convenient since I was a kid .. I'm much less shy, now I have to care about them. I just feel better about yourself. I'm not as hard on me. I do not understand. "Each actress is better there than me. Scarlett Johansson, Natalie Portman, Jessica Biel, Jennifer Lopez, Halle Berry, Jennifer Garner, Beyonce, name it seems. Anything is better than me. I saw her without makeup, so I know. "


    And despite regularly on the cover of magazines for men, Alba confessed that he has experience.

    She said: "I've never been comfortable showing her body, as I have had anxiety attacks before I was a photo shoot I've never had high-heeled shoes or clothing, before taking ....." films that was not even on my stomach in my house when I was little - my parents were very strict. However, this is me, and I did a lot of money, so I can not complain. "

[From the Associated Press and Hollywood News]

So let Hollywood. Do you have a young star, who hates her body, low self-esteem, believe that modesty can be sold for several million, and will be "everything" to work with James Cameron. It seems that many girls, to be honest.
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