Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Anna Nicole given 'wrong drugs' by doctors

Prosecutor from Los Angeles has strongly claimed two doctors prescribed vast amounts of wrong drugs to supermodel and actress Anna Nicole Smith even if they were being warned that Anna Nicole Smith was strongly addicted to any kind of painkillers.At the time of opening statements in the trial of Dr Sandeep Kapoor, Dr Khristine Eroshevich and Smith's lawyer-boyfriend Howard K Stern this claim was made by the prosecutor in favor of Anna Nicole Smith.Fortunately they are not charged with the former Playboy model's and American actress drug overdose death in 2007.For this reason,all of them pleaded not guilty to conspiracy.Renee Rose,the prosecutor,put on view to jurors images of prescriptions for hundreds of pills, including the very powerful drugs methadone and Dilaudid.Ms Rose,the prosecutor,also claims that with Stern's connivance, doctors filled prescriptions for Anna Nicole Smith under numerous names.They also allegedly ratified drugs when she was expecting-a report said.

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