Monday, August 30, 2010

Halle Berry is in love Triangle

Halle Berry's love life is getting complicated day by day.This hot actress is in love with two guys at the same time which made her life very complex.One of her is baby daddy Gabriel Aubry and the other one is handsome Oliver Martinez.A source revealed that, Oliver is trying his best to win Halle Berry's heart .“Halle really likes Olivier, and Oliver been coming on to her big-time. However, Gabriel has sensed is something up, and he’s often on the set, desperately trying to keep Halle and Olivier separate.“Halle is worried and also in dilemma , whether to keep trying with Gabriel or give it up for Olivier because he’s very sexy and mature.Further more,Oliver has told to hit up the relation that,Halle is the word's sexiest he ever seen of his entire life.They’ve been spotted hugging, holding hands and also hanging out off set as well.“Meanwhile Garbiel is getting jealous as he can see that Halle is falling of Olivier.Recently,Halle has revealed about her split with Aubry.However after a few hours Halle told that,'split 'is not always permanent which make the entire situation more foggy.

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