Thursday, August 26, 2010

Jessica Simpson wants her bump unchaged

Hot actress Jessica Simpson is pleased that she is imperfect.Jessica's bumps are her favorite body feature said by the busty singer and sexy actress.Jessica said,"My best features are the little imperfections that could be only I know about it".“As i know,I have this little bump on my nose which I really love so much. It’s an imperfection but to me it’s a real perfection. I have decided that I would never change it.”This hot actress recently expressed that,she wants her breasts to look smaller.Jessica Simpson said that,"“I have a little butt. I’d would be glad have a medium and reduce the size of my chest and put it towards my booty so I could balance out a bit.”This blonde beauty also admitted she got confused why her losing weight attracts so much attention.“People talked about my weight throughout the year,” Simpson said. “Being famous for gaining 10lbs is ludicrous! I didn’t feel that i am that much fat so why the people would think that".

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