Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Linday's dad to open up a Rehab Centre

Michael Lohan is thinking about to establish a rehab center near California.Lindsay Lohan's dad Michael Loahn expressed it to Radar Online that,he will built it up for recovering the addicted people.Lohan said,"that's 100 percent true.this will be running by me"."From my point of view, i think it is the perfect time for get out of the eyes from the media and for me that means going back to what i think best"said Michael Lohan.Michael Lohan added that,"this rehab center will be supported by a very popular person,but he can disclose his name yet"."i don't believe in drugs,if any people come to our rehab who believe on drugs then they’re going to have to get off of them, otherwise they’ll be looking for another rehab".Lohan expressed.here God will the major subject of recovery and spirituality is the best of the best method to get recovery form anything.

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