Friday, January 28, 2011

Helen Hunt is seriously concerned for future !!!

Helen Hunt and her husband Mathew Camahan raise their daughter Makena Lei Gordon Camahan together but the future of the girl lies in the hands of her mother. She
does not wish her child to be a star at this tender age.

She remarks that, “She would like her daughter to be at school as she was. Helen wishes Makena to go through all the years and have a normal life and friends. Besides, H
elen never herself was a child star so why should her daughter be by wasting her life so tender”.

Helen goes on that, “At Makena’s age, if she ever wants to act, she would allow her to join theatre which has got to do with school or a kid’s improvisational matter.

Helen does not consider this luxurious life suitable for her little child. It would not have good impact on the young life and especially on the brain. This is an adult world and she would not want any effect taking place on the young mind.

Helen would obviously love her Makena to be placed in that spot, however, there are other ways by which Makena could fulfill her dream of acting without having her to face sixty other adults. ”

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