Friday, January 21, 2011

Paula Abdul pleased with Nothing !!!

Paula Abdul, though she is very fanatic about her new show Live to Dance, for her coworkers it has become a problem. Source says that she, Paula Abdul had been complaining against everythin
g beginning from refreshments to wardrobe to the stage.

Another source, an insider, said that, “Paula had been
out of control and she is not at all pleased with that is going on. She would go mad if her favourite candies were not in her room. Paula is also concerned about the amount of respect she has been receiving. Her complain is no one was giving her the honor she actually deserves”.

Other objections against Paula have come before the media that at a current photo shoot, she made all wait for her while changed into various clothes because they were not suiting her.

She finally turned up after trying several numbers of dresses but yet she was not convinced of her appearance.

Everyone went mad and crazy working with her on the show. Now her new demand is to raise money from her new show of Live to Dance on the CBS channel where the show is going to be casted and Paula the executive producer.

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