Thursday, January 27, 2011

Kelly Preston is unaware of upcoming risk

Kelly Preston was not aware of the risks of having another child at this old age. Forty-eight years old, Kelly had brought Benjamin to world with her husband John Travolta in November last year. She admits tha
t, “Kelly did think of the complications for giving birth but never to the complications it would bring to her”.

She and John reckons the coming of Benjamin as a replenishment for the loss of their eldest child Jett who died from a seizure at the age
of sixteen couple of years back while the family was on a family holiday. But they have got another daughter named Ella Bleu of ten years old. “Benjamin has helped us a lot to cope with the loss of our eldest child; this is a very nice gift of life for parents.

A child in their concept is the most wonderful song a person could get”, Kelly says. It had been pretty tough for Kelly to get her attention return to her busy career life after the death of her eldest daughter. According to Kelly, “Kevin Spacey, with whom she is working, had been of a great support to make her feel better. He was of emotional support at work and it was the greatest thing he could give in her bad times”.

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