Thursday, January 27, 2011

Jeff Timmons fighting with his bad luck !!!

Jeff Timmons from
the 98 Degree band “had been arrested while driving recklessly drunken and in the absence of a driving license” according to Brevard County sheriff’s officials.

As per to another source, we are informed that, “Timmons was dragged out from his white Mercedes car on the 23 of April after spotting him to drive at a surpassing speed in a zone of 45 mph zone”. The source also tells that, “Timmons, of thirty-three years old, was out of the town and he did not have his license.

His eyes looked unfocused after confessing that he drunk a lot but later he reported of only two beers”. However, the crime was not only performed
by Timmons himself; other two passengers, of one whose identity was revealed as Mitch English , the host of the TV show “The daily Buzz”, to the police that, “As English was drunk, the job was handed down to Timmons to drive him home. The Brevard county Sheriff’s Office spokesman named Lt.

Andrew Walters reported on Wednesday that, “The 98 Degree band boy was charged on a $500 bond and was posted to Timmons address in California. However, Timmons and English did not have phone calls with comments regarding the matter.

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