Sunday, September 5, 2010

Drew Berrymore loves Mystery

Hot superstar Drew Barrymore finds that mystery is a very sexy topic.Recently, this actress declined to confirm her reawaken relationship with Justin Long.Drew Barrymore thinks that,the new upcoming movie 'Going The Distance' will get a new inspiration due to the natural love between this couple."We never talked when we were together not even now"Drew added."i love mystery and wants to keep a thing in a mysterious situation"she told."But it would be beneficial for both of us to know one another very so that we can overcome the struggle of understanding,i felt myself lucky cause usually i don't walk into a movie and have such an honest chemistry with anyone".This Sexy actress confessed that she had suffered a lot due to long distance relationship and also told that she is optimistic it could be maintained if someone wants from the core of his or her heart,"the main drawback of long distance relationship is the misunderstanding or inconsistency".She also Said that,"i like to watch a movie which based on reality".

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