Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Eminem forgot to RAP

Most popular hot American white rapper Eminem thinks that he totally forgot how to rap a song after his drug addiction.Tough he has successfully get rod from drug addiction but Eminem is really concern with his future career.In December 2007 after overdosing,he has been given the advice for medication."when i got rid of this i felt that i was a kid rather than an adult"-Eminem said."it seems to me that i was reborn,but the main obstacle to me at this moment is my future,because i for got to songwriting skills even to rap"he added.“I actually had to make a song like that, so that it seems to people it's the genuine Eminem" rapper.(Marshall Mathers)Eminem has recently revealed that how drug destroyed his lifestyle and career.Drugs made me crazy,lazy and it was like 'frying 'my brain-Eminem said.Recently Eminems mother(Debbie Nelson) declared that she is going to write a book about her son's(Eminem) childhood not Eminem's negative attitude."

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