Saturday, September 25, 2010

Lindsay out of jail and Lohan, was his decision and met bail revoked

It turns out that TMZ was right when they say that Lindsay was not in jail without bail for two drug tests do not, the crimes were released. Lindsay's lawyer appealed to his name and his proposal to languish in jail without bail until his next meeting was canceled yesterday. Bail was set at $ 300,000, met him, and now that is terrorizing the streets again. The positive side is that small was ordered to take alcohol detection Scram bracelet and stay away from nightclubs. I am sure she will be buried many "drinks on the device, and not so much important business meetings, you can not miss in a dark bar, according to the clock at 1:00.

Here is the TMZ report:

    Lindsay Lohan will soon be a free woman, because the judge just set aside the decision of Judge Elden Fox and Lilo on bail ... TMZ has learned.

    The judge decided to Fox this morning ... Lindsay can be held without bail. But apparently, the judge's decision contradicts the law of California that gives defendants the right to bail in the case of misconduct.

    Court Judge Patricia Schnegg, Los Angeles County supervisor assistant referees criminal released on bail only the judge's decision in the case of Fox Judges set bail of $ 300,000 Schnegg.

    Lindsey, who is in prison Lynnwood right now to get in the near future ... maybe in a few hours.

    UPDATE 06.02 GMT Watch Lindsay needs to get the Scram bracelet (this is his third) for 24 hours - and according to the conditions of bail can not be known throughout the medicine ... and must submit to the search for the prosecution at any time. In addition, the nightclubs of the big no-no ... Linds should stay away from places where alcohol is a "substantial argument."

    UPDATE 22.10 CET clock: TMZ has learned that Lindsay published his beloved slave bail. Now you can get out of prison Lynnwood, and you can only ask for a ride.

[From TMZ]

Radar Online reminds us that this is the alcohol sensing device Scram third is that Lohan was equipped at the age of 24 years. I am sure that Judge Fox was aware that his decision to be quickly refuted, but he gave Lohan clock, never, never be anything other than delaying the button.

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