Sunday, September 26, 2010

Lindsay out of jail

LINDSAY Lohan has been released from jail. Yes, at last, she is now free after $300,000 bail was posted to her that was granted after her attorney launched an appeal. Before her release, Judge Patricia Schnegg overturned Judge Elden Fox’s initial ruling claiming that Lindsay Lohan must stay till 22nd October, the day of her next appearing in court. Although Lindsay is a woman, the judge ordered that within 24 hours of release, Lindsay must be fitted with a SCRAM alcohol-monitoring device. Lindsay, who now had been in jail for 13 days out of a 90 days this July, was sent back behind the bars the second time when she was a failure to two court-ordered drug tests, testing positive for cocaine and amphetamine abuse. It was believed that Judge Fox would send Lindsay Lohan, 24, back to rehab instead of prison.

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