Friday, September 3, 2010

Simon Cowell wants the prostitue in competition

Chloe Mafia will not be excluded from the ITV1 series.The TV show judge,Simon Cowell who recently found that single mum Chloe Mafia worked in a escort company for 160 pound in an hour and Chloe Mafia confessed that.However,Simon Cowell doesn't mind Chloe continuing to take participation in the competition on the basis that she doesn't work during the time when the show is being telecast.Simon Cowell told The Sun newspaper: "We haven't banned prostitutes,because we just interested to hear about the story not about the profession","We can't just exclude people from the show because they might do something that upsets some sort people.' Simon added.The show's executive producer Richard Holloway has also talked in favor of the pretty singer.He Said"There is no logical reason why she shouldn't be allowed. She wouldn't be able to be a prostitute when she's performing the show obviously."Spectators are yet to enjoy Chloe perform on the show, but Chloe Mafia has featured on a trailer saying: "I'm a full time yummy mummy". Though,prostitution is legal in the UK - but soliciting, pimping and kerb crawling are has denied she is a prostitute.Chloe Mafia has a 19 month old child.A X factor spokeswoman affirmed last night Chloe had denied the allegations, by saying: "We don't support discrimination. We will look into the matter very deeply."

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