Saturday, September 4, 2010

Jennifer failed to find jeans for her !!!

Because of the size of Jennifer Love Hewitt famous derriere,it is very hard for her to find a jeans which really fits for her.The hot actress has told that,"i am a jeans girl and i already won 20 pairs".She added,"i really love to wear jeans and there is not a single day for me without wearing jeans".Jennifer told I prefer to wear a bubble butt, and a small waist jeans, and they always have to be tailored in the waist or they fit too tight."when you go for shopping,finding perfect jeans is the most difficult job for me particularly".Recently,her X- Boy friend including John Mayer ,Ross McCall,Carson Daly,Jamie Kennedy has confessed that Jennifer Love Hewitt doesn't love to be single.She added,"i am better as a couple because i feel like as a person".

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