Saturday, September 25, 2010

Lindsay Lohan is "very cautious" in his cell, separated
Might as well to all the details, right? Well, first of all in this recent photo of Lindsay Lohan reserve. That makes three, four, and this is the second in 2010. This is only the first photo ginger Lohan! Interesting factoid. It was also immediately after the release on bail of Lindsay, was handcuffed and taken away, but initially "seemed surprised" and "jumped to see his lawyer." Here is a wonderful artist representation, that courtesy of TMZ:

Also - looks like a police officer was harassing their rights? Maybe she muttered something about "Firecrotch." Anyhoodle TMZ received a statement from Shawn Chapman Holley, the judge said that Fox has no legal basis "for denying bail Lohan I tend to believe that the judge had every reason -. He said that if drugs or alcohol take back to jail, and he was alone.

I also think they should go to jail because they do not want to see your video more children. Apparently, this judge and the judge a Fox Fox, who, when Lindsay will, if it really before their hearing is October 22. I wonder if Dean "I Fired Up" would be tough games "with his" baby. " More: Lindsay Louboutins contributed $ 1,195 for his court appearance. I think Dean should take home, because the photographers have some photos of Dean in a pouch, as things Lindsay has been identified. Disgusting, Lindsay was not wearing shoes HANS.

So Lindsay is now in prison. The representative of the County Sheriff's Office in Los Angeles, said that the media is Lindsay. "Very cooperative, very modest and quiet they have asked more of it." Modesto? It's probably just break the conspiracy of the following Hijink. More: Lindsay is disconnected from the larger prison. See F-cking smile before going to court. She is a right little bitch.

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