Monday, September 20, 2010

Jessica Simpson celebrated her boyfriends birthday

Jennifer Simpson have better knowledge how to celebrate someone's birthday party.On,Wednesday night this hot and sexy actress taken her boyfriend to at new hotspot Lavoto celebrate his birthday party and dinner.Eric Johnson was quite surprised which expressed by his one word,"wow".According to New York Post gossip column Page Six,this couple celebrated birthday party with their group friends with great enjoyment.A source said,that when Eric Johnson was cutting his cake Jessica was singing "HAPPY BIRTHDAY" with a big smile.Jessica was very lively and smiling.They spent a lot of time at the party and they seemed very cherished.A report provided that Jessica gained 15 pounds in just two months and she is very concern about it and started to loose it.A source said that,she is too much happy because of the reason being a mom.A close friend of Jessica told that,“It appears that Jessica’s dream of having a baby is finally going to be true”,“She’s mad in love with Eric".

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