Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Anne Hathaway's new destination of life

Through ambitions people reach stars and at times even if they do not get to reach it, they go close to it. Anne Hathaway, a hot and sexy actress in fact, dreams to be a rock star in her life.

The starting of guitar lesson triggered the ambition, a dream in herself in which she sees her being a star like one of those in the sky
. According to her, she says that, “She is pondering to be a rock star and also wishes to make a band of her own. Anna finds the idea to be fascinating.

At present, she is just learning how to play a guitar and so is not performing
well as she expected. However, she is progressing and later maybe she will be able to play many other chords in an organized way. But she is working hard at it.”

In addition, she mentions that, “her band shall play one chord each time during their songs and that would make them hit!” Always acting in one specific genre of movies, romantic genre, she now wants a break from it. She has now turned her mind to music. Anna says that “she is tired of doing movies all the time.”

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