Sunday, November 28, 2010

Singer Kesha broke up with Alex Carapetis !!!!

Kesha, the singer, has changed her relationship status from engaged to single again! The hit singer has disclosed that she abandoned her boyfriend Alex Carapetis, who is a drummer, for his sissy attitudes.

She got fed up with his personality. She announced to the Complex magazine that, “They two are not going out any longer.

Her boyfriend began
acting like a woman all of a sudden but he was not like this before and Kasha, she just could not stand all this girlish-men behaviours!” Kesha has her own and exclusive way of flirting with men in public, places like bars and all at bars.

A few days back Kesha disclosed that, “She would do ludicrous things at bars for instance sending men glasses of whisky or even smacking them hard somewhere. Anything such kind.” In addition she mentions regarding her personality that, “She is not hostile to people but it is only that she is a little of twisty type woman.”

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