Friday, November 26, 2010

Sandra Bullock's life changing decision

Sandra Bullock
is said to be a mummy for the second time, not biologically, but by adopting another child, and this time a girl. She had previously adopted a boy early this year called Louis. In her opinion she says that, “One child is not adequate and because she wishes to revive the experience of being in the motherhood again, Sandra plans to take adopt another child.May be the adoption of a new girl could be appear as a blessings for her life and may be this girl will will help Sandra Bullock to change her whole life style.

As reported by a source, “She is taking help from the former agency who gave her Louise, New Orleans, to look for a girl.” An insider informed that, “They have few children in their hand right now who are in need of a home.”

The other hot news about Sandra Bullock is the rumor of her being involved in a relation with some unknown person whom she belie
ves to have met on the way for a trip to Caribbean island of Anguilla.

The OK magazine declared in early November that, “The turmoil which was caused due to Sandra’s affair rumor during her stay at the island villa last month did not puzzle the world. Rather the world wants her to be happy and see her live happily with her new life and husband.”

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