Sunday, November 28, 2010

Jane Fonda fianlly found her True Lover !!!

Roger Vadim, a director, Tom Hayden a politician and media mogul Ted Turner… the
previous husbands of one lady; Jane Fonda an actress of seventy-two years old. And now comes in her fourth husband Richard Perry with whom she is having affair.

Jane is very enthusiastic about marrying her new boyfriend after
recovering from a serious breast cancer beginning of this year. Her cancer was due to the birth of a small tumor which stayed like a small bump in her breast, as discovered by doctors. Jane and Richard meanwhile have already done half of their formalities by getting engaged last year, the date is unknown.

According to an American tabloid, the National Enquirer, they let us know that, “Fonda’s fourth husband had been very caring, supportive to Jane. He gave his words to be beside her at all ups and downs of her life. Jane was dazzled to find her true man, the man of her dreams.” Richard was very lucky to be chosen as Jane is pretty hard to please when it comes to man. Jane declared her statement two years back already. Her say is that, “She wants someone who is just a great lover but also an old soul.”

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