Sunday, November 21, 2010

Joan Baez started living on Tree House !!!

Rocker Joan Baez, sixty-nine years old, was left black-and-blue after falling down from her tree house in order to fulfill the wish to be with the outside nature. But to be with the nature?

Aha, the famous folk singer from the 60s she wanted to sleep with the birds but tumbled down from a tree house twenty feet high in her garden in California. Joan Baez had been known for her famous performance in civil rights anthems during the 60s. Baez’s accident happened on Wednesday this week.

Poor she then later was admitted to a hos
pital close to her house and then was discharged confirming the fact that she had only some minor casualties. From her assistant, Nancy Lutzow, it was informed to the San Jose Mercury News that she is in complete rest at the moment and Baez was feeling better than before. Two years back Baez, who had serious relationship with Bob Dylan, said that, “She spends her summer in the tree house by using the necessary accessories for climbing.

The birds flying above her head and twittering, wake her up early in the morning ruffling her hair by the winds from their fluttering wings. Their company in the morning gives her a heavenly sensation on earth.”

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