Thursday, November 4, 2010

Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart Love Shack tingling Baton Rouge can drive the drama MotherLoad did (all this, so I was temporarily MIA, my apologies), and when I got home there was a little gem in the history of email, like manna from heaven. According to Life & Style Scene Queens and shines Pattinson and Kristen Stewart, the movie "Dawn in Baton Rouge, which will shake idea. Set. At home. Love and sparks. ZOMG!

    Life & Style Scene Queens can show that Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart have learned from their hotel in Baton Rouge for his own house.

    "Rob and Kristen went to the Hilton Hotel in Baton Rouge on November 1 and at home," said the insider scene queen. "Two birds will love its own nest. The hotel is not privacy, which aspired to, well, it's more fun to play" House "in a real home."

    The couple shy, has made great efforts to make their relationship a secret in the past, and this time clearly not an exception. Two managed to escape the observation in the city, in contrast to the rest of the votes.

    Although Rob and Kristen have been rumored to share a platform in Los Angeles, the couple spent most of his summer in addition to the registration of independent projects. With the sunrise on the way to the movies in May, Rob and Kristen will undoubtedly be in a state that lost time.

[From Life & Style]

How long the last film of the Aurora? This can be financially smarter to rent a house together, rather than a hotel. It will also be able to cook SH-T, at any time of night, without taking security drama. I really think that whole "always done", that much of his plan - but Twihard seems bright and hot Kristen forumnym couple EVER I think most of those who spend time together just beginning to have a strong and watch TV or listen to music. With pubic hair braided shock, I think. How many children in those days. ... Youth Oh really lost youth.

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