Sunday, November 28, 2010

Tom Cruise Desperately wants to Save his Child !!!

Tom Cruise is anxious over his fifteen year old son Connor that he might get too much indulged by women at the start of his new acting career. “Hollywood fear
s this boy is growing up fast,” as per the In Touch Weekly magazine.

It is said that Connor is the target of many old women and they have been slithering their phone numbers to him as well. One of the insiders reported, “This indulgence might derail the young boy right in the beginning which would amount to the disruption of his career. It might also put him in disgrace some day. He is rather concerned about Connor.”

However, along with him is suffering Tom Cruise, who is married to Katie Holmes. They have given their two children, a daughter Bella an
d the son Connor a sheltered life; they do not wish to see them become spoiled. Even Bella is thinking of moving away from her parents this December when she turns to eighteen years old.

Their childhood
was spent under the supervision of Cruise’s sister Cass. She had them follow a home school life. Cass kept an eye on the two and was also strictly under observation regarding interactions with other people.

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