Saturday, November 27, 2010

Natalie Portman was not given Water to Drink !!!

Hot and sexy Israeli- American actress Natalie Portman has complained that, she was prevented from drinking water form a plastic bottle. And she was compelled to use an eco-container for that purpose, specially, when Natalie was at the shooting spot of her upcoming new movie ' Black Swan'.

Natalie also admitted that,Darren Aronofsky is an environment lover and he keeps supporting it all the time. In order to prove his love to the nature, he banned using any type of plastic bottles on the shooting spot. He thinks that, “it is now the proper time to show our sympathy to the nature “said Natalie.

Moreover, Natalie Portman said that, “as we keep our self busy in the shooting spot with dancing and acting so we need satisfactory amount of water which can keep us energetic. But the problem is that there was not single bottle water was found on the set, though we desperately need that on the spot. Instead of it we were given eco friendly containers for drinking purpose and also the chance to fill it up.

Recently, this hot actress admitted that, beauty can be a boring thing when you boy friend keep gazing at you all the time and keeps admiring you beauty. “I find it really disgusting when all the guys are so worried with my appearance, where I am not a worried at all”.

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