Sunday, November 21, 2010

The new Princess of Britain

Engagement for Prince William and Kate Middleton has been declared early this week and the wedding date waiting to be announced next year in public. The venue will be set at the Westminster Abbey where the funerals for the family members, Diana and Queen Mother, were occurred. William also declines the other venue in option which was St. Paul’s Cathedral as that was where his parents’ marriage was held in 1981. A staggering of two million people shall witness the knot tying of the couple. Roles will be played by Prince Harry as the “supporter”, Pippa the younger sister of Kate as the Chief bridesmaid with the aid of William’s cousin Zara Philips, Prince Edwards daughter Lady Louise and Lady Helen Taylor’s daughter Eloiuse. Along with these members, politician, celebrities such as Phil Collins, Sir Elton John, Sir Paul McCartney and Bryan Adams, fashion stylist Daniella Helayel who is Kate’s favourite and other elite people will also participate the wedding including the US president Barack Obama and his spouse Michelle. Sources say that Kate has been lifted up from an ordinary citizen to one of the most high status people and now she is on top of the world. She is now the future Queen of Britain.

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