Sunday, November 21, 2010

Blade Movie's Actor has been jailed finally !!!

The forty-eight year old star from the Hollywood movie Blades, Wesley Snipes, has been sentenced to go to jail for three years by a US court this year in November 19th for deliberately neglecting to file taxes in 1999, 2000 and 2001. Nevertheless, he has pleaded William Terrell Hodges, a Floridian judge, to review his case and grant a fresh trial for him after he was convicted as guilty. Wesley Snipes has defended himself on the basis that there were some jurors who had been biased against him and it was from then on that he had been on the bail. Unfortunately, Snipes’ proclamation went denied by Judge Hodges and therefore Hodges later ruled against him. In his verdict, Hodges had clearly stated that “Snipes had a fair and impartial trial and his case was carefully reviewed. So, it was now the time for the verdict to come in force. Snipes must go to jail due to his deliberate action.” In spite of the already given verdict from the judge Hodges, Snipes’ attorney Daniel Meachum has asserted that the star is extremely cool and affirmative concerning the judgment but he now shall make an appeal to the US Supreme Court.

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