Friday, November 12, 2010

Lindsay Lohan supposedly "denied" an analgesic for oral and maxillofacial surgery

As mentioned, the crowd was crack Lindsay Lohan, and was a "plant passport" for the recovery to the producers and the team found Inferno. But did you know that they were now maxillofacial surgery? Wanted radar. And if the dealer has offered to pay the dentist providing medication MotherLoad, Lindsay Sun tight and whispered, "No." Then you say, "sources." But I have another theory that I say in a few seconds.

    The photos have appeared on Thursday with Lindsay Lohan, Michael, looking in the mouth and that's because the actress was a dentist and refuses to take painkillers, exclusively reports.

    Lindsay dental surgery this week, "said a source close to the RadarOnline. Com situation." Teeth removed and drugs against pain, even to pain. "

    a difference of only 5 months, when the young star has wisdom teeth, and took strong painkillers Dilaudid - According to Lindsay and privileged information for the restoration of their drug problem, they do everything possible to stay the course in pain management.

    How reports Lindsey Betty Ford Center in Rancho Mirage, California, where he was in September in the treatment of cocaine dependence.

    "She's in my time at the Betty Ford is very serious," said the source.

    24-year-old actress of "Mean Girls" and her father Michael gathered this week for the first time in seven months, when both were at a local mall in Palm Desert and discovered Wednesday in a movie.

    This problem Starlet fifth time in rehab, but sources say they hope Lindsey and his family that his time at the Betty Ford did his job.


That's what I think - I think "go to work" was very timely for Lindsay, was a time when he knew it would be drugs in his system with the oral and maxillofacial surgery. Yes I do, but as blogger gossip, I feel like I was falling into the endless drama of Lindsay, was the noise and crack crack occupied for many years. At this moment I see before me cracks. So I do not think Lindsay opt-out "of drugs. I think what is offered the recipe, then received a" go to work, and probably snort a line at this time. Just my theory.

Theory: The Betty Ford Clinic does not give "lip enters his lips returned to normal life, while no cracks normal in this family

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