Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Janet Jackson alters her career

There are always exceptions in the world. Many people love to earn fame and they dream of it so but our singer Janet Jackson falls in the exception group. She detests becoming famous. According to her, “she has a knack for acting than to singing. The reason for it that singing before all has now become too easy for her but acting front of all is a challenging job which she is quite eager to do it.” Janet Jackson has already declared to people that singing is not suiting her life now, and the worst part is when vast crowd is watching her.” In her personal life, at the present time, she is going out with the billionaire Wissam Al Mana. In her family among her nieces and nephews, she is also the coolest aunt to them. The children call her ‘cool’ aunt. The mystery behind it is that supports them in time of saving them from getting into troubles and advices them that might go against the parents’ likeness. When young, she had to turn into a vegetarian seeing her parents however, she goes back and forth from her nutritious balanced diet from sweets to other kind of foods.

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