Thursday, November 18, 2010

Lucky boy under thumbs !!!

Many lucky boys tend to be under their girlfriend’s authority and girls too nowadays want their boyfriends to be under their thumb or in their control. As per to a source it informs that the British star Kristen Stewart likes having Robert Pattinson to be kept in track. And Kristen is doing well at this job by laying down canons. However, Robert’s obedience has also been the secret behind her success; he has been happily abiding them with good grace. In accordance to a source, Kristen told Robert, “No talks of intimacy should rise that would create pressure on the relationship and Robert should no way ask about her weird behaviors. Meanwhile, she declared to her family how supportive Robert is and that she stress-free.” And why not! Robert loves her so dearly that he is ready to put up with her odds. In some former news, it was proclaimed that Robert Pattinson of twenty-four years adored the bossy and rough habits that Kristen Stewart of twenty years possessed. Evidence reported the US weekly magazine this October (2010) that Kristen really had been very tough and rough with her obedient boyfriend Robert and emphasized that Robert too liked it greatly.

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