Sunday, November 28, 2010

Katie Couric marriage Rumor !!!!

Will not she go to the morning TV or marry her boyfriend? People are now up to this question concerning Katie Couric. The news was spread by the CBS Evening News that Katie was going back to the Today show over an interview on the Wendy Williams Show.

But Katie, she denies the statement and replies that,” Tha
t is totally wrong! She misses all her friends at the Today show. She met Matt Lauer and Al Roker and she and the latter had a little talk at the Central Park.” After becoming widow, Katie gets into a relation with her boyfriend Brooks Perlin and is now planning to get married.

Katie gives her opinion that, “Her daughters were very small, Ellie of six years old and the younger one Carrie of two years old, when her husband died and thought of staying single unless she finds someone to marry someone and make a new family. She is happy with her life at the moment including her two little adorable daughters. However, she is still planning to marry though she is not giving much time to the thought.” She loves being independent and also wants her children to be the same.

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