Sunday, November 21, 2010

Emma Watson's brand new home !!

The star of Harry Potter series, Emma Watson studying Liberal Arts a
t Brown University has told a local Californian newspaper that she loves US and that it is like her second home and that it was an adventure for her living out there.

Meeting with all the journalists in America at an interview this week and hearing the American accents made US feel her more at home. Her opinion informs us that Americans
were friendly, open-minded, faithful and warm people.

Emma Watson also let us know that she felt bad at the thought of ending the shootings for Harry Potter series especially when working for it for more than ten years now; she enjoyed a lot! However, on the other hand, our Hermione Granger has become tired from the hard work she has devoted behind making the movie but then, she is eager to see where the water rolls down to in future.

She says, “Though people know that it is time for Harry Potter to finish, but Emma never feels in that way; this is just the beginning of the shooting. She does not want anyone to call it the end of something which is so special to her.”

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