Saturday, December 4, 2010

Adam Sandler desperate for a Big Party !!!

The Hollywood’s comedian or funnyman, Adam Sandler, is giving a party for a staggering of five thousand guests because he likes to be the host. He is pleased to take the host role. The venue shall be at the Pickwi
ck Gardens in Burbank and it will cover the whole area.

He began doing all this parties and seasonal gather
ings long before. The gathering shall also include activities such as skating, bowling. It would have open bars and food and musicians. The preparations have started since last year as per the The Hollywood Reporter. Sandler has not actually left out anyone; starting from all the members of his Happy Madison production company, executives, friends from Sony base and various studios crews from his movies to the actors, musicians, producers, agents, writers.

And they not alone will be attending the party, but also their families! Sandler has two daughters, names a re not known, with his wife, actress Jacqueline Samantha Titone. He told that it is pretty difficult to raise children and at the same time live better off. “His starts having this in mind and ends day with having in mind too”, Sandler informs. In additions he says, “With the money has now, it is hard for him to raise the children in the manner he was brought up.”

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