Saturday, December 11, 2010

Michelle Williams likes to be a stranger !!!

Michelle Williams like to be like a normal person in the crowd of her fans, in other words she really likes to save her anonymit
y. Hot Actress Michelle says that, “I have an strange skill which helps me to keep myself from being recognized by the people,even if I am in the crowd of my fans”.

I am really lucky to have such types of skills. “I would like to keep secret my formula which really
helps me from being unrecognized “she says. “When It seems to me that, people may have recognized me and start gazing at me, I start to go inside and make myself smaller”.Though this hot actress have been seen naked in several movies, but she is not secure about the ways she looks.

“That is not lie that I have some movies where my naked body has been showed, but it d
oes not decrease my actual beauty, says Michelle. This is really nice when nude pictures don’t get published on the internet, but, usually, it never happens, says Michelle Williams.

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