Friday, December 3, 2010

Todd Palin dancing with the whole Family !!!!

Dancing with the Stars is now bringing another member of the Palin family. Now comes Todd Palin who is still waiting to appear before the TV. A source told the E! News that, “They wanted Jennifer’s father.

They had loved Sarah.” The producers are also eager to bring in John McCain’s daughter Meghan McCain to the show. Palin’s i
nsider informed the Pop Eater website that, “Sarah shall only run if she wins though her intention is not to boost her popularity. It is only if she thinks that Sarah can win. At the present time, Bristol is successful on the show of Dancing with the Stars. This indicates that if Bristol receives adequate votes in order to win the mirror ball trophy, then Sarah has the propensity of having sufficient votes to be sent to the White House.”

A political insider reported that, “Sarah and her family had taken the wrong step before public in the great America. It has been criticized that bringing up her whole family at the present show Dancing
with the Stars and at her reality show was an excuse to meet her family and herself. Oh come on! It is just because people like them a lot. It is not because their footwork is impressive.

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