Friday, December 3, 2010

Taylor Swift Entertainer of the Year

The twenty-year old country singer, Taylor Swift, has earned the name of Entertainer of the Year. She has been the youngest singer to be awarded with honor by the Entertainment Weekly magazine.

She also paid acknowledgment to this year’s achievements with other fourteen popular faces. Taylor, who had previously dated Taylor Lautner and Joe Jonas and now is going out with Jake Gyllenhaal, had mentioned at an interview that she laughs her head off when she sees her former lovers writing songs. She says that, “Taylor bursts into laughter when it is stated that this song is composed by one of her ex-boyfriends and so on.”

The reason why she had performed the song named
Innocent was that it was a rumor about Kayne on the MTV Video Music Awards. This took place following the year of the rapper burst onto the stage to complain that she was awarded before Beyonce Knowles.

Taylor says that, “She resolved not to continue on with the performance at the show and neither would she go there. But waking up later at night she realized that she had to turn up there and she was having the urge to perform the song.”

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