Saturday, December 4, 2010

Nicole Richie wants to save her kids at any cost !!!

Nicole Richie would do anything to protect her adorable two child
ren- Harlow of two years old and Sparrow of fourteen months old- from anyone taking any kind of photographs of them. She has currently persisted photographer fabrio Luis Mariotto to keep away from them for the next five years.

The matter was solved outside court. “As a mother, I have to protect my children, whether it is right or wrong. This is something which is intrinsic within our mothers. There specific rules for us all and they are all common ones”, Nicole says. Previously, Fabrio was caught red-handed while waiting outside the children’s school.

When Nicole had taken measures against him, he refused and proclaimed that he did not know what the building actually was and he did realize it was a school, he moved away from it. The contract which has been established between the twp parties- Nicole and her family and Fabrio- it states that for the next five years, Fabrio should stay far from the Nicole family.

At the end, Fabrio had to sign in a document, as drawn by lawyers, with the binding terms mentioned. In exchange, she has withdrawn the early warning order against the photographer. Nicole is a protective mother indeed!

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