Saturday, December 4, 2010

A brand new responsibility for Cee Lo Green !!!

A great time for Cee Lo Green! He has become a grandfather! The thirty-five year old Forget You hit singer has admitted that his stepdaughter Sierra has given birth to a son whose mother is the
first wife of the musician called Christina Johnson.

At a talk show of Chelsea Handler, Cee declared that, “Sierra has given birth to baby boy and now I am happy to be a grandfather at this age.” It is told that Sierra once had come up in a reality show on MTV on
My Super Sweet 16, which concentrated on the birthday parties of rich teenagers.

According to Cee, “Sierra then was a year younger when she appeared at the show but she, however, wanted to promote her celebration in media anyway. She became one of the exceptions on the show. Everyone liked her and so the chance was granted.” Cee was reminded by Chelsea that Sierra flew to the party by a chopper.

he was later asked if this was exaggeration or not, he replied that, “It was just for a mere entertainment and it was actually fun too. There was nothing excessive in it.”

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