Monday, December 6, 2010

Josh Duhamel Airport Scandal !!!

The Hollywood actor, Josh Duhamel, was told to get off the plane when he rejected to turn off his Black Berry. As per the
TMZ, a hostess came and requested Josh- husband of Black eyed Peas star Forgie- to turn his mobile off while taking off from New York (LGA) to Kentucky,.

he simply refused to do so. One source informed that, “He had been very pampered and cheeky with the hostess. He was asked to turn the device off thrice at intervals, and Josh laughed at it on the last request. The attendant was humiliated by Josh’s reaction and so was later escorted off the plane. All the passengers were annoyed at his conduct as his actions had delayed their flight even more.

The plane was embarked again by two US Airways representatives”. It was currently known that he had changed into a better person since he married Forgie. However, Josh had really been a ta
unting guy on the plane. It was very naughty of him to do such thing publicly.

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