Friday, December 3, 2010

Heath Ledger refused to be Joker in Batman !!!

It is known that Heath Ledger shall not turn up in the movie of Batman. Earlier reports tell that director Christopher Nolan wished to use some of the unseen footage as the Joker. “The intention was to make the Joker appear one last time in the movie”, one of the insiders informed, “Christ wanted continuance among the movies.

However, this will be done after getting the consent from heath’s family”. On the other hand, Nolan’s wife Emma Thomas, who died two years back, persisted that Nolan not do the movie. However, the “refusal was spread in a rumor form”, said Nolan supported by Thomas at the The Hollywood Reporter. To the paper industry, Nolan had apprised them that the script for the third cinema was not complete yet.

He said to the ‘Los Angeles Times’ this October that, “The movie shall encompass many of the old characters who were there all along these times and some new people shall be coming in as well.”

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