Saturday, December 18, 2010

Matt Damon wants her Daughters to be Strong !!!

Matt Damon’s daughters are just so charismatic! They enchant their forty year old father with their batting eyelids. Matt cannot deny anything when it comes to them, Isabella of four, Gia of two and the new comer Stella with his wife Luciana, he loves them dearly.

“He loves his daughters. They ask for something with fluttery and b
atting eyes and he cannot refuse to give them, he melts as butter. But their spell breaks at the presence of their mother. “Even the new eighteen year old child knows how her daddy is; as though she understood everything. She would grip his fingers that made Matt helpless before her child”, he says. Matt also praises his wife saying that, “She is better parent than me.

She is not strict but firm enough to control the kids. Even he would have done the same thing if they had sons because he knew how boys were and really hopes his daughters to be strong women like their mom when they grow up. Matt considers that manners matters and that are vital for them to know. They have to be accountable for their conducts here and even in afterlife. So he always tries to guide their kids in better way”.

Matt Damon and Luciana Pictures

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