Sunday, December 5, 2010

Taylor Lautner killed by twilight fans !!!

“Fans of twilight is, now, the biggest fear for me”-said Taylor Lautner, super hot actor, who acted as a Jacob Black in the super hit movie. In Brazil when I and Kristen Stewart reached into the hotel, hundreds of our fans rushed towards us.

We ran and went into a tiny room waited for around 45
minutes, and called the SWAT - He said. During the hiding we were talking that, “what if they manage to get into this room, they will tear us apart for sure”, said this super actor. I will never say that they were hostile but they were very much passionate”-said Lautner.

when he was in Australian in a fan event there were 4000 fans and he was walking down the line. People were screaming just for an autograph by raising their hand towards him. “I really love so much my fans, but I feel so sad when they got hurt by me when I fail to give everyone an autograph”.Laut
ner recently met her hot girlfriend Lily Collins-a sources said.

In July their actual chemistry started when Lautner was trying to seduce Lily by displaying his six packs being shirtless.but, subsequently, Lily informed to Lautner that he has a boy friend who is currently working in the ‘Steven Spielberg’ movie in New Mexico

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