Thursday, December 2, 2010

Michael Douglas defeated Cancer

As a surprise present to the family, Michael Douglas took his family to Florida to reciprocate for the troubles they took during illness with cancer. They spent the Thanksgiving holiday in Florida at a theme park with his wife Catherine Zeta-Jones, and the couple’s two children.

One source tells us that, “The idea for this surprise was Michael’s to have his family with him to the happiest place on earth which was to Florida. He was reciprocating for being supportive. Or else he would not have been cured. Michael wished to have fun himself after the tiresome treatment he went through for eight weeks. ” He feels very lucky and proud to be around his family. However, the relation between the couple, Catherine and Michael, has grown even deeper after the cancer treatment.

They fell in love even more. They are eager to reiterate their relation again. Another source informs that, “Both have decided to renew their vows as marriage is a sacred bond that will last forever. They are falling in the abysses of love each day. And so, they will arrange ceremony.” I

It is thought that such things would strengthen Michael more and allow him to look forward to live his life happily. The American tabloid says that the ceremony shall include people from his family, his close friends which is expected to hold very soon.

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