Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Adriana Lima wears 2 million dollars Bra !!!

Finally one of the hottest and sexiest fashion show called Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show has been performed. It was aired on 2nd December on the television. The central attraction of this show
was the hot super model Adriana Lima’s ‘Fantasy Bra’ which is worth around 2 million dollars.

It may be shocking for everyone that why a bra should value this luxurious amount? But, of course, there is something precious thing attached to the bra which made it very much costly. This super expensive bra was designe
d by ‘Damiani’ has 60 carats of diamonds and 82 carats of sapphires and topaz. Around 3,000 cut white diamonds has been placed on 18 carat white gold.

It did not take a day or a week to finish this super sexy bra, for sure. It took around 1,500 hours and six ‘Damiani’ full time labor skilled craftsmen to make it. Many supermodels were also present on this show. “I really felt happy to wear such an expensive bra and it’s also comfortable to wear”, says supermodel Adriana Lima. Australian super model Miranda kerr was also present on this show.

Of course, only an ultra rich person is able to afford this bra, there is no doubt about it, but it is now to see whether a super rich person or any celebrity or superstar is going to take the ownership this precious Bra.

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