Saturday, December 18, 2010

Jennifer Connelly is over the Moon !!!

At the age of forty, Jennifer Connelly is expect
ing a good news for her and her husband Paul Bettany. Connelly has her birthday coming up this Sunday. She is going to be mother again! Her Paul is very proud of her to give the third child to the family.

Connelly has already
two children before, the elder one a boy of seven years old and another son of thirteen years old, named Stellan and Kai respectively. Although these two are from her previous relation or husband with David Dugan, who was a photographer, the third new member would her and Paul’s child.

One of the sources tells us that, “She, Connelly had previously disclosed about her meeting with B
ettany. They married seven years back from now in Scotland after they met each other at a Oscar-winning flick A Beautiful Mind”. Jennifer Connelly added that, “There was something special in the way they met the first time.

She could not understand what it was, but there was something magical”. “In her eyes, Paul was someone very different than others, he had beauty in him and she liked his presence very much. Connelly just loved the manner in which he was talking and mixing with people out there. He liked her son also and that made her feel really good”, Connelly informed.

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