Thursday, December 30, 2010

Ciara is desperate for a new Date !!!

The superstar Ciara had disclosed facts of her love life in an interview on Wendy Williams’
live TV show. She was dating rapper bow Wow for nearly three years until the year of 2006 but then later dated Ludacris, who was another rapper.

Ciara persisted that now that she is single again, she is prepared to get engaged with another guy. “She has become single again and she is getting ready for a third date. She just wants to take her time”, Ciara announces. Currently, Ciara talked about her educational background. She was student who only went till school.

However, she mentions that, “She still got time when Ciara was able to return to school
and meet her friends again. After all, she did not waste her youth life. Though she had gone to school only and not college in life, she yet wishes to go back to school and begin learning. According to her, wisdom and knowledge is power and therefore, the more one gains, the better”.

Adding more information to it, Ciara tells that, “Stopping her education when she wanted was the best decision then. It allowed her to devote more time to her career. But she would not force herself to return to school; only if something on her way catches her attention then Ciara might probably. At the prevent moment, she is busy with her career”.

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